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  • Added: 2023-11-15
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[FREE] Extremely Sweaty Socks - WantFeet, ManyVids

You have waited for or socks to be super sweaty and dirty and now they finally are. These beautiful Goddesses want you to smell their stinky and smell socks!

Sniff the socks, lick them, and stroke as they plays with you, encouraging you.

They want you to breathe deeply into their socks, and enjoy that strong smell of her socks after working all day in their boots! They want you to sniff their socks, but they also want you to stick your tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of their socks too!

Trinity is 24 years old beautiful Amazon woman with 12 (42 EU) size gigantic feet and long toes. She is 6’1” (184 cm) tall and 152 LBS (69 KG). She is a sexy lady with big feet, high arches and long toes.

Dora is 41 years old gorgeous girl with 9 (39 EU) size perfectly shaped wide feet and wrinkled soles. She is 5’7” (170 cm) sexy girl 125 LBS (56 KG). She is a sexy lady with high arches and perfect pink soles.

Hope you are ready to lock yourself up and worship these perfect socket feet!. They tease you with their stinky feet! You will absolutely drool at sight of their socks. The video is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 Full HD resolution. Exclusive models, only at our website.
January 21, 2023

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