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[FREE] Katy Faery - Pantyhose On Your Nose - ManyVids

Gorgeous brunette, Katy Faery, lays back on the bed in a sexy red, white and black dress with black rose printed pantyhose. “I’m going to put my pantyhose on your nose, until you blow your load.” Katy strokes Russell Grand’s hard cock as she smothers him with her pantyhose. He takes deep whiffs of her feet as she strokes his cock. “Do my pantyhose turn you on that much?” Katy grabs the oil, and oils up her hands…and continues to stroke his cock. “Smell my sweet, sweet soles.” Katy strokes her hands up and down on his cock, slowly rubbing his balls at the same time. “Bury your nose in-between my toes.” Russell runs his nose over all of her toes, taking in big inhales. He hugs her legs, as he gets lost in the smell of her gorgeous size 7 feet. Katy strokes his cock as she rubs her feet over his face. “I know they smell so good… I’ve been walking around in my heels all day.” He begins to nibble at the bottom of her soles, and Katy giggles..telling him how much she loves that. She rubs his cock, “I love how much this turns you on. Your cock is so hard, sniffing my pantyhose.” Katy tells him how lucky he is… “You get to just lay there and sniff my feet as I stroke your cock.” Katy strokes Russell’s cock with both hands and he sniffs her feet and pantyhose until he cums all over her hands. Katy giggles, “You love my soles, don’t you? Let’s get cleaned up, and maybe I’ll let you keep sniffing my feet
Featuring: Katy Faery

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