Dacey Harlot - Seriously Smelly Fshj - BarefootAcademy, ManyVids

Feat. Dacey Harlot & Dexter Darkly

Dacey comes home dressed in her tiny pink schoolgirl skirt and matching pink converse. She’s been out all day walking around and now that she’s home it’s time to take them off and relax. As soon as she reaches down to untie her shoes the smell of her wet, sweaty, smelly socks hit her in the face. That dank, wet smell of sweaty feet gets Dacey excited. She knows just how much Dexter loves being s mothered under her soft smelly feet.  There’s nothing that gets her more turned on than watching a man’s cock uncontrollably get hard just from the smell of her feet. She keeps her shoes on for now and calls Dexter to the bedroom. 

Dacey peels away one shoe at a time as she grinds her wet, sweaty, grimy socks into Dexter’s face. The bottoms of her cute pink SpongeBob socks have turned black from the days of accumulated sweat and toe jam. She slowly takes off one sock while she strokes his cock and sniffs it. Her foot pheromones fill the room and both of them are left breathing nothing but her scent. Dacey teases and strokes Dexter’s hard cock while they both sniff her socks and shoes. Pinning both of her socks to his nose with her feet, Dacey talks about how dirty and smelly her little feet have gotten while she edges him closer and closer until he can’t resist any longer.  Dacey lets him blow a huge load for her smelly, sweaty feet and promises to wear her next pair of socks for a week longer. We’ll see how long he lasts then. 

Smelly Feet - Sweaty Feet - Dirty Socks - FSHJ - Smelly Socks
April 14, 2023
Featuring: Dacey Harlot

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